Basement Therapy EP




Not only able to write his biography in the third person, GDNA (pronounced Gudina) also takes pride in his role as the melodic apothecary peddling medicine for the melancholic. A multi-instrumentalist producer, GDNA blends a myriad of sounds across genres incorporating down tempo grooves, mellow strokes of the ivory, hypnotic hip hop melodies, plumes of blues inspired guitar riffs, and sex inducing bass lines that all come together to create a (pesticides free) organic tapestry with hues of nu jazz.

Born to a family of Ethiopian immigrants, GDNA’s affinity for music began to manifest near the tender age of three. Whether playing his favorite plastic drum to a tape recording of Youssou N’dour in concert, or happily singing a tune while in his thinking chambers (the restroom); it was evident early on that GDNA was a Baad Mutha that was not to be trifled with.

Jumping forward through time, a college career and electrical engineering degree later; GDNA decided against a professional career and instead opted to move into his parent’s house (yay) to follow his passion. GDNA attributes his sound to the organic and soulful melodies of Häzel; the ambience & clever abstraction of Flying Lotus; Nicolay’s mellow electronic vibes; The Roots’ live instrumentation; and Dwele’s romantic soul coupled with his multi-instrumentalism. These various sounds amalgamate to create what GDNA dubs, Basement Soul.

GDNA has and is currently collaborating with such talented artists as; Macon Hamilton, Frank Leone, Pheo, Russell Curry, The House’s own Michael Da Vinci, and more. GDNA’s Basement Soul styling’s has appeared on influential sites including; Bama Love Soul, Ruby Hornet, Dj Booth, and more. GDNA’s sound has been called, “The perfect backdrop for a love scene” and, “The cross of neo soul and melodic hip hop; bordering on Nu Jazz”.

Basement Therapy, GDNA’s first EP, is a collection of mellow inducing vibes and melodies for Romantics, Head Nodders, and Soul Children alike. Basement Therapy is available for download...NOW..go ahead.. scroll up!





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