My Story

Of Ethiopian origins and a Southern California upbringing, I’ve been producing and vocalizing ever since I retired from a very short lived Electrical Engineering career, crippling student loan debt -notwithstanding. I’m now based in Los Angeles. I create music for all my people in the streets, boulevards, avenues, ways, drives, and naturally, cul de sacs.

With influences ranging from Flying Lotus to Dwele, my sound is a cross between organic soul with future essence. I make really good shit. My music has appeared in places, and my music has been played in other places. Check out my musics and watch my videos.

Quadrants, my forthcoming EP, is set to release in the Fall of the Two Thousandth and Fourteenth Year in the Holocene Epoch of the Quaternary Period of the Cenozoic Era. So until then, I encourage you all to play my musics on repeat to get that yung play count up. Go team! (Not really… don’t do that).



On My Own [Bedroom Sessions]

Abhi//Dijon – Let You Know [GDNA (RE)Vision]

Iman Omari ft Shi Wisdom – Prayed For [GDNA (RE)Vision]

Floating [Bedroom Sessions]

Think Twice [Bedroom Sessions]

Jill Scott – I Think It’s Better [GDNA (RE)Vision]

J Dilla – Fall In Love [GDNA Rewurk]

Wet Dreams feat SoopaCrzy [Beat Soul Vibe]